Shall the twain ever meet?: supplying the demand in an academic library and information service environment​
​6-7 November 2008

The Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service takes pleasure ​in announcing its Tenth Annual Symposium which will take place from 6-7 November 2008 at the JS Gericke Library in Stellenbosch. The theme for this year's symposium is:

Shall the twain ever meet?: supplying the demand in an academic library and information service environment.

It is anticipated that this event would see the gathering of national and international researchers and practitioners to engage discourse on:

The fundamental tenet of librarianship has not changed: the clients’ (that is, the users) demand for information still remains one of the founding principles of librarianship and the libraries’ role of supplying (or satisfying) the demand is even more critical in the current information explosion era. However, the exponential growth in information has meant that libraries continuously re-engineer themselves to meet the corresponding exponential demand for information from traditional subscription sources and digital sources via changing technologies.

Rising subscriptions, rapidly evolving technology, new paradigms and a new generation of researchers and research methods are posting new challenges when supplying the demand. All of these challenges must be viewed against the backdrop of new avenues of accessing new information platforms.​


Day 1 : Thursday, 6 November
Chair: Ms Ellen Tise 

​Welcome and Opening​​​

Prof Arnold van Zyl (SU: Vice-Rector Research)​​

​​Keynote address ​

​Mr Chip Nilges (Vice President for Business Development at OCLC)

Chair: Prof Stephen Mutula

Commercial supply and demand metrics and librarianship – courtship or affair?
Mr Steyn Heckroodt (SU Business School - General Management, Competitive Management for Entrepreneurs)​​
​​Supply and Demand in Academic Library and Information Service Environment:Business Case – Academic Libraries in the Knowledge Management Value Chain
​​Mr Sej Motau ( Chairperson Sabinet  Board of Directors)
​​Meeting Changing Demands - The Effect on the Supply Side
​​Ms Diane Man & Robert Jacobs (Swets)


Session Chair: ​Dr Judy Henning

​The free flow of free information? Open access challenges facing academic libraries in Africa
Prof Johannes Britz (Dean & Professor, School of Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
Supply-Demand Gaps in Meeting Research Needs in a Networked Environment: Challenges and Opportunities for Academic Libraries
Prof Stephen Mutula (Associate Professor in the Department of Library and Information Studies, University of Botswana) 
​Does easy access translate to easy papers?: Teaching and doing research in an increasingly information-rich environment
​Prof Erick Strauss (SU lecturer and researcher, Biochemistry Dept)
​Library Unplugged: Welcome to the Age of Information Ubiquity
​Mr Kobus Ehlers (SU student and part-time lecturer, Dept Information Science)

Day 2 : Friday, 7 November
Session Chair: Prof Johannes Britz

Research needs and research support: the changing and challenging role of the academic librarian​
Ms Cyrill Walters (Librarian at UCT and IFLA/OCLC fellow)
Libraries on the move / Libraries on the go - shifting barriers, going places, sharing spaces​
​Dr Heila Pienaar (Deputy Director, e-Information Strategy & e-Research enablement, Library Services, UP)
Academic libraries in transition: the paradox implicit in the quest for a SU library of the future
Dr Reggie Raju, Mss Mimi Seyffert, Joanne Arendse & Mr Wouter Klapwijk

Session Chair: Ms Ellen Tise

​Panel Discussion

Mr Chip Nilges, Prof Johannes Britz, Prof Stephen Mutula, Dr Heila Pienaar, Mr Kobus Ehlers
Closure and summation

Bladsy Inhoud
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