Wednesday, 17 May

Do's and don'ts of proposal writing

Presenter: Ms. Selene Delport, Coordinator and presenter at the SU Language Centre, Stellenbosch University

Time: 09h00 - 10h00

Writing a good proposal starts with good planning. This interactive session on proposal writing will focus on how you can use nutshell writing to plan your proposal and get the writing process started.

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An introduction to scoping reviews

Presenter: Prof. Charles Shey Wiysonge, Senior Director of the South African Cochrane Centre and the HIV and other Infectious Diseases Research Unit at the South African Medical Research Council
​Time: 10h30 - 11h30

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Introduction to qualitative research: Principles, practices and cases

Presenter: Dr Kirsten Krauss, Research Advisor and partner of Worldwide Information Services (WWIS)
Time: 11h30 - 13h15

The webinar will address principles for doing qualitative research, interpretivism as a qualitative research paradigm, and supporting case studies of how to deal with qualitative interviews and data in different ways.

This webinar is tailored for emerging scientists (supervisors and postgraduate students) interested in doing or supervising qualitative research.
  • Principles for interpretivist research
  • Principles of Hermeneutics
  • Difficulties of Hermeneutics
  • Doing qualitative interviews
  • Interpreting analysed data
  • Preparing to interpret, theorise, and particularise with qualitative data

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ATLAS.ti: The qualitative data analysis & research software

Presenter: Dr Bronwyne Coetzee, Lecturer: Psychology, Stellenbosch University and a registered ATLAS.ti instructor
Time: 14h00 - 16h00

The use of qualitative data analysis software is important for researchers. Recently, Stellenbosch University subscribed to a campus license to have ATLAS.ti.​ freely available for use by researchers. This workshop will guide researchers on the use of ATLAS.ti.​
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