​​Friday, 20 May

Maximise your research impact

Presenter: Marié Roux, Manager: Research Impact Services, Library and Information Service

Time: 08:30-10:00

This workshop will show how to improve your impact as a researcher. The following two topics will be presented:
Increase the visibility of your research  
Participants will learn to: 
  • Find and navigate social research networks (ResearchGate, Academia.edu, etc.) 
  • Develop research profiles 
  • Understand how to increase your visibility as researcher 
  • Understand the role of science communication and social media
Tracking your citations  
Participants will learn about: 
  • The different citation metrics and altmetrics and where to find it 
  • Awareness of methods to increase citations 
  • Responsible use of metrics.

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Management of sensitive research data

Presenter: Samuel Simango, Manager: Research Data Services, Library and Information Service
Time: 10:30-11:45

Procedurally, Stellenbosch University has measures in place in the form of institutional permission and ethical clearance which must be obtained whenever researchers make use of research data collected from human participants. But what happens after such institutional permission and/or ethical clearance have been obtained? How does a researcher ensure that the sensitive data that are collected are managed appropriately? This presentation will attempt to answer these questions by placing emphasis on the following aspects:
  • Secure storage of sensitive research data 
  • De-identification of sensitive research data
  • Data sharing principles that should be considered when making sensitive data accessible 
In the process, attendees will be directed to some useful resources.
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Wiley Read and Publish Open Access agreement

Presenter: Janice Rimbault, Senior Account Manager, Wiley
Time: 12:00-13:00

The Wiley/SANLiC agreement for 2022-2025 is a Read & Publish OA agreement that will be phased in over this period. In 2022 Stellenbosch University authors may publish free of charge in Wiley’s hybrid OA journals only. There is a cap on the number of articles that can be published without paying APCs, for all participating SANLiC members on a first-come-first-served basis. 2023-2025 will see the inclusion of Wiley Gold OA journals and Hindawi journals. This session will speak to this agreement and explain what this entails.​
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