​​​Wednesday, 18 May

Mixed-methods research

Presenter: Dr Ilse Eigelaar-Meets, Lecturer, Department of Sociology & Social Antropology

Time: 9:00-10:30

This session will outline qualitative and quantitative research paradigms/methods.

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Statistics in your research

Presenter: Prof. Martin Kidd, Director of the Centre for Statistical Consultation

Time: 11:00-12:30

This session focuses on the role of statistics in research, from the planning stages of the project, through the data capturing phase to statistical analyses and interpretation of results.

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Sage Research methods

Presenter: Claire Deakin, Library Training & Engagement Specialist, Sage Publishing
Time: 13:00-14:00

Sage Research Methods Online covers a range of subject areas. This session will focus on how researchers can utilise this powerful database effectively.​
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ATLAS.ti: Qualitative Data Analysis & Research Software

Presenter: Dr Bronwyne Coetzee, Lecturer: Department of Psychology
Time: 14:15-16:15

The use of qualitative data analysis software is important for researchers. Recently, Stellenbosch University subscribed to a campus license to have ATLAS.ti.​ freely available for use by researchers. This workshop will guide researchers on the use of ATLAS.ti. ​

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