​​​Tuesday, 17 May

Enhance your search strategies: Google and Google Scholar

Presenter: Pepler Head, Faculty Librarian: Economic and Management Sciences

Time: 09:30-10:30​

Most researchers spent a lot of their time searching for academic information on the open web such as Google Scholar and Google. However, most often realise that this process takes a long time as academic information competes with commercial interests and information on the web. For an academic who does not always have the time to go through long lists of irrelevant results before getting what they wanted, the importance of conducting effective searches cannot be overemphasised. This session will guide researchers on how to conducting effective searches on the web.​​

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Do’s and Don’ts of proposal writing​​​

Presenter: Selene Delport, Coordinator: Workshops and Short Courses, Language Centre
Time:​ 11:00-12:00

Writing a good proposal starts with good planning. This interactive session on proposal writing will focus on how you can use nutshell writing to plan your proposal and get the writing process started.
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Literature reviews

Presenter: Elizabeth Moll-Willard, Faculty Librarian: AgriSciences
Time: 14:00-15:30

This session will focus on learning about literature reviews. To search, identify, select and critically appraise literature.​
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