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The Music Library is one of five branch libraries of the Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service and is situated on the Stellenbosch campus in the Konservatorium, on the corner of Victoria and Neethling Streets.

We serve

  • the lecturers, researchers, students and staff of the Department of Music/the Konservatorium and Africa Open Institute
  • other registered members
  • members of the public who may use the Music Library as a reference library for the subject field
Bladsy Inhoud
Die Musiekbiblioteek is een van vyf takbiblioteke van die US Biblioteek- en Inligtingsdiens en is geleƫ op die Stellenboschkampus in die Konservatorium op die hoek van Victoria- en Neethlingstraat.

Ons bedien

  • die dosente, personeel, navorsers en studente van die Departement Musiek/die Konservatorium en Africa Open Institute
  • ander geregistreerde lede
  • lede van die publiek wat die Musiekbiblioteek as 'n naslaanbiblioteek vir die vakgebied gebruik
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