In the past two years, the Library and Information Service has signed agreements with a number of publishers that offer discounts on article processing charges (APCs) or, in some cases, allow authors to publish OA without paying APCs. In 2023, over 4 400 hybrid journals and 550 fully OA journals have been added to the list of journals where SU authors can publish fully OA without APCs, bringing the total to more than 7 300 hybrid journals opened up as a result of transformational agreements.  What this means is that in 2023, South African authors can now publish fully OA without APCs in more than half of all subscription journals that member institutions subscribe to!

We would like to encourage researchers to use these publishing options to enhance the visibility of SU research as well as to raise the research profile of the University.

The Library has signed the following OA (Read and Publish) agreements with publishers to date: 

American Chemical Society (ACS)
This is a three-year Read and Publish agreement (2023-2025) for the ACS All Publications package. The agreement includes continued read access to over 75 journals in the ACS All Publications package as well as unlimited open access publishing in the

ACS hybrid journals.

There is no limit on the number of articles that can be published open access in the ACS hybrid journals. For gold open access journals (the ACS Au journals), a flat $3 000 article processing charge (APC) applies. The exception is ACS Omega, for which the APC is already heavily discounted.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
The library's agreement with ACM allows SU authors to publish OA in ACM journals at no cost. Authors can opt out of the OA arrangement and publish behind a paywall if they so choose.

Cambridge University Press (CUP)
The Library has signed a Read & Publish agreement with CUP, which covers OA APCs. This agreement allows all corresponding authors from SU to publish research articles in CUP journals at no extra cost. Authors must use their @sun.ac.za email address when submitting an article to a CUP OA journal.

The Read & Publish agreement with Emerald for 2022-2024 permits corresponding authors from SU to publish a capped number of articles as OA free of charge in the gold and hybrid journals to which we subscribe. The caps apply to all participating SANLiC members and work on a first-come-first-served basis.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) journals on the SAGE platform
The Library's Read & Publish agreement with SAGE will also permit corresponding authors from SU to publish an uncapped number of articles as OA in the IMechE journals. This collection includes the 16-part Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers as well as two other peer-reviewed engineering journals.

IOP Science Extra
Read access is provided to over 70 scholarly journals, including the renowned Journal of Physics series, back to 1874. Publishing is unlimited in IOP's hybrid and gold OA journals. However, there are a few titles where the IOP is contractually prevented from offering open access publishing.

Oxford Journals
The Oxford Journals collection features 376 scholarly and authoritative journals published in collaboration with several professional societies.  Current subscriptions include access back to 1996. Publishing is unlimited in all eligible hybrid journals and a 10% discount applies to article processing charges in Gold Open Access journals.

Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
Corresponding SU authors will receive a 10% discount on the APCs for any paper accepted for publication by MDPI. Subjects and journals covered by this agreement are available at this link.

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
SU authors will receive a 15% discount on APCs when publishing OA with RSC. The first four articles submitted to RSC by SU authors per year will be published free of charge.

The Library's agreement with SAGE allows corresponding authors from SU to publish an uncapped number of articles as OA in SAGE hybrid titles (SAGE Choice). Eligible corresponding authors will receive a discount of 20% on SAGE's Pure Gold Open Access Journals. There are a small number of exclusions where SAGE is contractually prevented from offering this discount.

This is a three-year (2023-2025) Read and Publish agreement with Elsevier for the ScienceDirect Freedom Collection. The offer includes capped hybrid OA publishing without article processing charges with a nationwide limit of 2 221 articles in 2023. The agreement also includes a 15% discount on the APCs for Gold Open Access titles.

Also included is a developmental programme to support growth and development in the South African researcher community. You can read about the agreement here.

The Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics (SCOAP³) is a global partnership between libraries, national funding agencies and research institutions from 47 countries, as well as three intergovernmental organisations. SCOAP³ converts subscription journals in the field of high-energy physics (particle physics) to OA through the redirection of subscription funds. The partnership allows SU authors to publish OA in these journals free of charge. The SCOAP³ repository may be found here.

This is a three-year transformational Read and Publish agreement (2023-2025) for the Springer Compact collection, which includes all hybrid and closed journals in Springer, Adis, Palgrave and Nature Academic journals. No APCs are payable for publishing in these titles. Fully open access Springer Nature journals, including BioMed Central (BMC) journals and Nature Research Journals, are excluded from this agreement. However, submissions under the University's affiliation will grant researchers 15% discount on the APCs for BMC, Springer Open and Palgrave Macmillan Open titles. See below.

Springer Nature OA and BioMed Central (BMC)
The Library continues to administer the University's deposit account with Springer Nature (which owns  BMC), which allows SU researchers to submit articles to BMC, Springer Open, Nature Open and Palgrave Macmillan Open journals without having to pay APCs before publication. Submissions under the University's deposit account will afford researchers 15% discount on the APCs for BMC, Springer Open and Palgrave Macmillan Open titles. No discounts are available for publishing in Nature Open, although the University's deposit account may be used. Upon publication researchers will have to refund the Library 100% of the APC, plus 15% VAT. By submitting an article to Springer Nature against the University's deposit account for publication in any of the aforementioned four sets of journals, a researcher agrees to refunding the full cost to the Library after publication. The Library will claim this refund from the researcher upon receiving notification from Springer Nature that an article submitted against the University's deposit account has been published. (ZAR value calculated at the exchange rate on the day of claiming the refund).

Taylor & Francis
This is a three-year agreement (2024-2026).
Institutions participating in this agreement have read access to nearly 2000 journals in the Social Sciences and humanities (SSH) and Science & Technology (S&T packages. In addition, eligible authors affiliated to subscribing institutions can publish their articles open access in all Taylor & Francis Open Select (hybrid) journals without paying article processing charges (APCs). Eligible authors will also benefit from a 10% discount when they publish in the Taylor & Francis fully open access journals.

There is a limit (Cap) on the number of articles that can be published by authors affiliated to participating institutions. For 2024 the cap is 1276 articles, shared across the consortium and allocated on a first come first served basis. The cap is split into two groups: 37% of the article entitlement is dedicated to publishing in UNISA and NISC journals, while 63% remains available for publishing across all other Open Select (hybrid) journals.

The Company of Biologists
This is a three year agreement (2024-2026).
Authors affiliated with Styellenbosch University can publish an uncapped number of research articles immediately Open Access (OA) in our hybrid journals (Development, Journal of Cell Science and Journal of Experimental Biology) and our fully Open Access journals (Disease Models & Mechanisms and Biology Open) without paying an article processing charge (APC). Researchers at participating institutions also benefit from unlimited access to our hybrid journals, including their full archives dating back to 1853.
Number of included articles

There is no limit on the number of articles that authors affiliated with participating institutions can publish open access without paying article processing charges (APCs).

The agreement allows corresponding authors from SU to publish free of charge in Wiley's hybrid OA journals. From 2023, our agreement includes open access publishing in all Wiley Gold Open Access journals and Hindawi journals.  There is no limit on the number of articles that may be published by authors affiliated to SU in these journals for the years 2023 and 2024.

There is also a new publishing page on the SANLiC website - Wiley-SANLiC - that links to the Wiley Researcher Academy and other useful resources and upcoming events.

For a full title list of SANLiC Read and Publish agreements, please click this link.

For more information about the publishers and to view titles eligible for OA publishing, please visit https://libguides.sun.ac.za/OApublishing.

Enquiries about OA agreements may be directed to:
Sakhile Mngomezulu   |  Manager: Scholary Communication & Open Access  |  Tel: +27 21 808 9907

Bladsy Inhoud
Die Biblioteek- en Inligtingsdiens het die afgelope twee jaar ooreenkomste met uitgewers onderteken wt daartoe gelei het dat outeurs verminderde publikasiefooie vir ooptoegangpublikasie kon betaal, of in sommige gevalle selfs geen publikasiefooie nie. In 2023 is meer as 4 400 hibriede en 550 volkome ooptoegangtydskrifte deur middel van transformational agreements by die bestaande lys van tydskrifte gevoeg waarin US-outeurs meet oop toegang kan publiseer sonder om publikasiefooie te betaal. Dit beteken dat Suid-Afrikaanse outeurs in 2023 in meer as 50% van die tydskrifte waarop SANLiC lede inteken, kan publiseer sonder om publikasiefooie vir ooptoegangpublikasie te betaal!

Ons wil navorsers aanmoedig om die beskikbare publikasieopsies te benut om sodoende die sigbaarheid van die US se navorsingsuitsette te verhoog en die Universiteit se navorsingsprofiel te bevorder.

Die Biblioteek het tot op hede die onderstaande read and publish-ooptoegangooreenkomste met uitgewers gesluit.

Americam Chemical Society (ACS)
Die ooreenkoms is geldig vir drie jaar (2023-2025) en verskaf toegang tot die ACS All Publications pakket. Die ooreenkoms slit voortgesette leestoegang tot meer as 75 tydskrift van die ACS All Publications pakket in, asook onbeperkte ooptoegangpublikasie in die ACS hybrid journals.

Daar is geen beperking op die aantal artikels wat outeurs oop toegang kan publiseer nie. Vir goue optoegangtydskrifte (die ACS Au-tydskrifte) word 'n eenvormige publikasiefooi van $3 000 gevra.
Hierdie tarief geld egter nie vir ACS Omega nie, aangesien die tydskrif se publikasiefooi reeds baie verlaag is.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Die Biblioteek se ooreenkoms met ACM laat US-outeurs toe om sonder enige koste hul artikels met oop toegang by ACM te publiseer. Outeurs kan wel kies om nie van die ooptoegangopsie gebruik te maak nie.

Cambridge University Press (CUP)
Die Biblioteek se ooreenkoms met CUP dek ooptoegangpublikasiefooie. Dit maak dit moontlik vir alle US-outeurs om artikels met oop toegang in CUP-tydskrifte te publiseer sonder enige ekstra koste. Outeurs moet hulle @sun.ac.za e-posadres gebruik wanneer hulle ’n artikel by ’n CUP ooptoegangtydskrif indien.

Die Emerald ooreenkoms vir 2022-2024 laat US-outeurs toe om sonder enige koste ’n beperkte aantal artikels met oop toegang te publiseer in die goue en hibriede tydskrifte waarop die US inteken. Die beperking op die aantal artikels is op Suid-Afrika as geheel van toepassing en aansoeke sal hanteer word in die volgorde waarin dit ontvangs word.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) tydskrifte op die SAGE platform
Die ooreenkoms met SAGE laat US-outeurs toe om ’n onbeperkte aantal artikels met oop toegang in die IMechE tydskrifte te publiseer. Die versameling sluit die Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in, sowel as twee ander eweknie-beoordeelde ingenieurstydskrifte.

IOP Science Extra
Leestoegang tot meer as 70 vakkundige tydskrifte, insluitend ie toonaangewende reeks Journal of Physics, is beskikbaar tot so ver terug as 1874. Publikasie in IOP's hibriede en goue ooptoegang tydskrifte is onbeperk. Daar is egter 'n paar IOP Science Extra tydskrifte wat weens kontraktuele beperkings nie ooptoegangpublikasie bied nie.

Oxford University Press
Die Oxford tydskrifversameling bied toegang tot 376 vakkundige en gesaghebbende tydskrifte wat in samewerking met verskeie professionele genootskappe uitgegee word. Huidige intekening sluit toegang in vanaf 1996. Publikasie in goedgekeurde hibriede tydskrifte is onbeperk en 'n 10% korting is van toepassing op die goue ooptoegangtydskrifte.

Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI)
US-outeurs wat by MDPI publiseer, sal 'n afslag van 10% op die publikasiekoste kry. Meer inligting oor die onderwerpe en tydskrifte wat MDPI dek, is beskikbaar by https://www.mdpi.com/.

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
US-outeurs kry 15% afslag op RSC se ooptoegangpublikasiekoste. Die eerste vier artikels wat per jaar deur enige US outeur by RSC ingedien word, sal gratis gepubliseer word.

Ons ooreenkoms met SAGE maak dit vir US-outeurs moontlik om 'n onbeperkte aantal artikels gratis met oop toegang in SAGE se hibriede titels (SAGE Choice) te publiseer. US-outeurs wat in SAGE se lys van Pure Gold Open Access Journals publiseer, sal 'n afslag van 20% op die publikasiekoste kry. Daar is 'n beperkte aantal uitsonderings waar SAGE kontraktueel verhoed word om hierdie afslag aan te bied.

Dit is 'n drie jaar (2023-2025) ooreenkoms met Elsevier vir die ScieneDirect Freedom Collection. Die ooreenkoms sluit 'n nasionale beperking van 2 221 gratis ooptoegangpublikasies in hibriede tydskrifte in. Verder is daar ook 'n 15% korting op publikasie in goue ooptoegangtydkskrifte.

Ingesluit by die ooreenkoms is 'n ontwikkelingsprogam wat ten doel het om ondersteuning en ontwikkelling in die Suid-Afrikaanse navorsingsgemeenskap te bevorder. Meer inligting hieroor is beskikbaar by https://www.elsevier.com/open-access/agreements/south-africa

SCOAP³ (Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics) is 'n wêreldwye vennootskap tussen biblioteke, nasionale befondsingsagentskappe en navorsingsinstansies in 47 lande, sowel as drie tussenregeringsorganisasies. SCOAP³ skakel subskripsietydskrifte op die gebied van hoë-energie fisika (deeltjiefisika) om na oop toegang deur die heraanwending van subskripsiefondse. Die vennootskap maak dit vir US-outeurs moontlik om gratis in hierdie tydskrifte te publiseer.

Die SCOAP³ tydskrifte kan hier gevind word.

Springer Nature
Die Springer Nature ooreenkoms is 'n tranformational read and publish-ooreenkoms (2023-2025) vir die Springer Compact versameling, wat alle hibriede en geslote tydskrifte in Springer, Adis, Palgrave en Nature Academic insluit. Geen publikasiefooie is betaalbaar om in hierdie tydskrifte te publiseer nie.

Volkome ooptoegang Springer Nature tydskrifte is nie by die ooreenkoms ingesluit nie. Artikels onder US-affiliasie kom wel in aanmerking vir 'n 15% korting op die publikasiefooie van BMC, Springer Open en Palgrave Macmillan Open. Sien onderstaande.

SpringerNature en BioMed Central (BMC)
Die Biblioteek gaan voort om die Universiteit se depositorekening by Springer Nature (wat ook die eienaars van BMC is) te administreer. Dit maak dit vir US-navorsers moontlik om ooptoegangartikels by BMC, Springer Open, Nature Open en Palgrave Macmillan Open in te dien sonder om vóór publikasie outeursfooie aan Springer Nature te betaal. Navorsers wat artikels teen die Universiteit se depositorekening by Springer Nature indien, sal 15% afslag op die publikasiefooie van die BMC, Springer Open en Palgrave Macmillan Open titels kry. Die Universiteit se depositorekening mag ook vir Nature Open titels gebruik word, maar geen afslag is hier van toepassing nie. Daar word van navorsers verwag word om ná publikasie 100% van hierdie outeursfooie, plus 15% BTW, aan die Biblioteek terug te betaal. Deur 'n artikel by Springer Nature teen die Universiteit se depositorekening in te dien, stem die navorser in om die volle koste aan die Biblioteek terug te betaal. Die Biblioteek sal die terugbetaling van die navorser terugeis wanneer Springer Nature ons laat weet dat sodanige artikel gepubliseer is. (Randwaarde bereken teen die wisselkoers op die dag waarop die terugbetaling geëis word.)

Die ooreenkoms laat US-outeurs toe om gratis in Wiley se hibriede ooptoegangtydskfrifte, die Wiley Gold ooptoegangtydskrifte sowel as die Hindawi tydskrifte te publiseer Daar is geen beperking op die aantal artikels wat US-outeurs in 2023 en 2024  in hierdie tydskrifte kan publiseer nie.

Die Wiley-SANLiC-webblad gee 'n skakel na die Wiley Researcher Academy sowel as ander nuttige bronne en toekomstige opleidingsgeleenthede.

Gebruik hierdie skakel vir 'n volledige lys van al die SANLIC read and publish-ooreenkomste.

Raadpleeg asseblief die biblioteekgids by https://libguides.sun.ac.za/OApublishing vir meer inligting oor die uitgewers en vir die titels wat kwalifiseer vir ooptoegangpublikasie.

Navrae oor ooptoegangooreenkomste kan gerig word aan:
Sakhile Mngomezulu  |  Bestuurder: Wetenskaplike Kommunikasie & Oop Toegang  |  Tel: +27 21 808 9907

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