Where do I get further assistance with information searches and library training?

To avoid disappointment signed up off-campus students visiting the Library in person are encouraged to make appointments for assistance with information searches and library training with the relevant staff members.

Why do I have to sign up for off-campus document delivery?

To enable delivery of documents to your off-campus location and to collect the fees involved, a record of your contact details is required.
As a signed-up off-campus student you will also have special lending privileges

Who may sign up for off-campus document delivery?

  • students of the Telematic Services Division;

  • undergraduate and postgraduate students (registered and prospective) who do not live on campus and who are prepared to pay for the delivery of books and documents to them.

Are documents delivered to other countries?

No books of the Library and Information Service will be mailed to other countries. Pages from books can, however, be scanned (within the limits of the copyright law) and e-mailed to signed-up off-campus students living abroad

What if I still need access to other libraries?

Complete and submit the e-form to request a referral letter that needs to be presented to the other university libraries to gain access. Read more about this service at Access to and borrowing from other libraries.

What other services are available to signed-up off-campus students?

All other services as explained in the undergraduate, postgraduate and prospective postgraduate user guides are available to signed-up off-campus students. When visiting Stellenbosch, you may also borrow and return books at the lending section of the JS Gericke Library or at the relevant branch libraries. 
A wealth of electronic publications is available full-text via the library website under Databases, E-Books, E-Journals and SUNScholar (E-theses and dissertations). See also How do I get off-campus access?