Bellville Park Campus Information Centre (USBI)

Since its very beginning a library was seen as a priority for the Graduate School of Business. As early as 1964 a number of books were purchased with funds made available by donations.
The first actual library was, however, only established in 1972 when the Business School occupied premises in Skuilhoek, Victoria Street, on the Stellenbosch campus. In the same year it was decided to move the Business School to Bellville. Some old pre-fabricated buildings which had been vacated by the Medical Faculty and were situated behind the Karl Bremer Hospital became the new home of the Business School and its library.
In 1975 the library officially became a satellite library of the then University Library and a substantial number of books on business management was transferred to Bellville.
In 1986 the Business School moved to its present premises and in 1992 the Graduate School of Business Library, as it was known at the time, became a full branch library of the University of Stellenbosch Library Service.
In 1996 the library of the then Extramural Division of the University consolidated with the Graduate School of Business Library and this combined library is now known as USBI (University of Stellenbosch Bellville Park Campus Information Centre).
Since the inauguration of the new facility, USBI, in May 2002, clients have access to the services of a state-of-the-art learning and information centre benchmarked against the highest international standards in information services.
USBI was created as a multi-functional one-stop information and services facility where clients can hire laptops, arrange courier services, make photocopies, send faxes, scan articles to disks, obtain prescribed textbooks and consult their librarians. USBI has been designed and cabled for full digital delivery in the future.