Reference material, prescribed works & short loan material

What does this collection consist of  and where do I find it?

Electronic resources 

E-Reference for Health Sciences includes E-dictionaries, E-encyclopedias,  and specialised research resources for multidisciplinary research.

Medical encylopedias from Gale can be searched as a collection and includes the Encyclopedia of bioethics, Encyclopedia of drugs, alcohol & addictive behavior, Encyclopedia of public health. Encyclopedia of alternative medicine, Gale Encyclopedia of mental disorders Gale Encyclopedia of neurological disorders, Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer, Gale Encyclopedia of nursing & allied health, Nutrition and Well-being. 

Print collection 

Resources in print are available in the short loans and reference sections. Items in these sections may be identified by their coloured markers (see below at Lending). The collection consists of:

  • Reference works: encylopedias, dictionaries and others in print format.

  • Prescribed books: for students of the Faculty of Health Sciences in the Short Loan Section.
  • Short loan material: publications that are used frequently and are transferred to the short loans collection largely by request of academic staff, in order to ensure maximal access to these resources. 


Reference material (green markers): not for loan and to be consulted in library only.

Prescribed books (yellow markers): for loan for 3 days.

Short loan material (pink markers): for loan overnight and over a weekend.

More E-Reference​ for medicine and health sciences and consult the Selected websites for medicine and health sciences.