About the Library @ Medicine & Health Sciences

Q:  How do I contact you?
A:  Please see our contact details

Q:  Where is the Medicine & Health Sciences Library situated?
A:  Find directions and maps here

Q:  Who may use the library?
A:  All staff members and registered students of SU. Staff of the Provincial Administration of the Western Cape associated with Tygerberg and Stikland Hospitals and staff of the Western Province Nursing College may also register as members. More information.

Q:  Is the library open on public holidays?
A:  No, the library is closed on all public holidays and between Christmas and New Year.

Q:  Are there any disciplines of health sciences that are not covered by the library collections?
A:  Yes, the fields of dentistry and pharmacy, as these are not offered as degree courses at the Faculty.

Q:  Do you have any meeting spaces in the library?
A:  Yes, a small training room with seating for approximately 15 and some smaller seminar rooms. Please see our Spaces and places.

Q:  Do you have any print newspapers in the library?
A:  Yes, the Cape Times and Die Burger.

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About Services @ Medicine & Health Sciences


Q: May I request material from elsewhere  if  not housed in the Medicine & Health Sciences Library collection ?
A: Yes, resources may be requested from elsewhere (in South Africa or overseas) for clients by way of an interlibrary loan. More ...

Q: Do you offer unique services to researchers of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences?
A: All services rendered are relevant to researchers of the Faculty. More ...

Q: May I make photocopies in the library and if so, what are the charges?
A: Photocopying facilities are available at the library and the cost is 40c per copy. Make enquiries at the lending desk. Students and staff members of the University use their student or staff identity cards. Other library clients may use a library magnetic photocopy card that is available at the lending desk. 

Q: May I request training in the use of library resources?
A: Yes, request a training session or contact a faculty librarian for one-on-one training.

Q: Who can assist me with a literature search?
A: The faculty librarians.

Q: Does the library have a staff member to assist off-campus students with literature searching and finding articles?
A: Mrs. Wilhelmine Pool.

Q: Who can assist with finding resources not available at the Medicine & Health Sciences Library?
A: The faculty librarians. 

Q: Where do I find assistance when struggling with my password for off-campus access to the library resources?
A: Go to useradm and follow the instructions. Still experiencing problems? Contact IT

Q: Why do I receive a recall notice for books when the due date has not been reached?
A: When the book has been requested by another client the library system will automatically generate a courtesy notice to the current lender to return the book earlier.

Q: Who can assist with finding information?
A: The faculty librarians.

Q: Where do I find journal impact factors?
A: Impact factors are available in the ISI database Journal Citation Reports -from the list of databases.

Q: May I have food and beverages in the library?
A: Food and beverages are not allowed; water from spill-proof containers only.

Q: May I use my mobile phone in the library?
A: Yes, but please consider other clients who are studying. 

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About Resources @ Medicine & Health Sciences


Q: How do I know whether the book I am looing for is available?
A: Search in the library's search function by title.

Q: May I recommend a new book, journal title or database for the Medicine & Health Sciences Library?
A: Designated faculty members recommend new resources for the library. 

Q: Do you have prescribed handbooks available for loan?
A: Yes, whenever possible, at least one copy of a prescribed work is purchased. The prescribed books form part of the short loans collection and the loan period is 3 days.

Q: Do you have electronic books?
A: Yes, search Books, E-Books & Theses or use SUNSearch.

Q: How do I determine whether the library has a specific book?
A: Use SUNSearch the search functionality on the library home page. 

Q: Where can I find assistance when struggling with access to existing Medicine & Health Sciences Library resources?
A: The faculty librarians.  

Q: May I borrow journals from the library?
A: Yes, the journal issues from 2000 and onwards are available for loan to SU staff and students, as well as to staff members from affiliated hospitals for 3 days

Q: Where do I find anatomical charts (title list pdf) and may I borrow these?
A: Please enquire at the lending desk and yes, these charts are available for loan.

Q: Is there a difference between Pubmed and Medline?
A: Read here for information on the distinguishing differences between these two databases.

Q: Where can I find the correct abbreviation for a specific journal title in the health sciences?
A: Search for the journal title in LocatorPlus.

Q: Where can I find the list of the DOE accredited journals?
A: Find it here.

Q: How do I find information on a certain topic in journals?
A: Use the 
Pubmed Medline and/or any other relevant databases for health sciences, such as Scopus,
Science Direct, Proquest Medical Library, The Cochrane Library and more. Ask your faculty librarian to find the best database for a particular subfield.

Q: How do I determine whether the article I need is available locally?
A: Consult the Medicine & Health Sciences journals list (172 kb, pdf) as well as the E-Journals A-Z.


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