The Medicine & Health Sciences Library, previously known as the Medical Library and Tygerberg Campus Library, came into existence in 1957 with a humble collection of about 3 000 volumes of books and bound
periodicals and 200 current periodical titles and was situated in a few small back rooms of the
Karl Bremer Hospital in Bellville.

With the establishment of the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry (known as the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences), as well as the University teaching hospital in Tygerberg, the library was also moved
to the Tygerberg campus.

Over the years the library underwent various transformations and moved several times.
Since 1987 re-planning of the available space has resulted in maximum utilisation of user and
office areas, and information services to teaching staff and students have been extended considerably.

In 2005 the Dentistry faculties of Stellenbosch University and the University of Western Cape (UWC)
have amalgamated, and all dentistry resources have been moved to the UWC Dentistry Faculty Library,
situated on the Tygerberg campus.