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August 27
Library training, September 2015

Library training events presented (in the JS Gericke Library) during September 2015 

Improving your literature search strategy

Venue: E-classroom (Learning Commons, JS Gericke Library)

Dates: Tues, 15 September

Time: 10:00-11:00

Booking and more info: 15 September Training Calendar

Refworks: reference management for beginners

Venue: E-classroom (Learning Commons, JS Gericke Library)

Dates: Wed, 16 September

Time: 10:00-11:30

Booking and more info: 16 September Training Calendar​

August 26
Research Commons Social Hour August 2015

​The Library and Information Service cordially invites you to a Social Hour in the Research Commons, JS Gericke Library, on Friday 28 August. The guest speaker will be Professor Guy Midgley of the department Botany and Zoology. He will reflect on climate change and the path of his career in this field.

The Research Commons Social Hour is an initiative of the Library and Information Service aimed to create and foster a community of researchers and provide an opportunity where emerging researchers can find inspiration, exchange ideas, support each other and socialise.

Refreshments will be served.

When: Friday, 28 August 2015
Where: Research Commons, JS Gericke Library
Time: 15:30 – 16:30
Register: Please register here  by Thursday, 27 August
Enquiries:  Marié Roux, tel: 021-8082623021-8082623

August 21
SU Library playing its part at 81st IFLA Congress

​Three-hundred volunteers; 3 300 delegates; over 190 sessions; 750 square metres of exhibition space. These are just some of the statistics for the 81st IFLA World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) happening at the Cape Town ICC from the 15 to 21 August 2015. Is the Library and Information Service playing a part? Absolutely!

Senior Director of the Library and Information Service, Ms Ellen Tise, is a former IFLA President (2009-2011) and is a member of the IFLA WLIC 2015 National Committee. She will chair a session of the Congress entitled Strong Libraries, Strong Societies: Access, Development and Transformation. Fourteen staff members of the Library and Information Service will be working as volunteers at the Congress and 26 will be attending as delegates.

What exactly is IFLA? IFLA is the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. The theme of this year’s IFLA WLIC is Dynamic Libraries: Access, Development and Transformation.

This is the second time that an IFLA Congress is being held in South Africa. The previous occasion was in 2007, in Durban. For some staff of the Library and Information Service, this will be the first international conference they will attend or in which they will be involved. It may well be a ‘once in one’s professional lifetime’ opportunity to be assisting at a congress hosted in one’s home country and province!

In addition to staff participating and volunteering, the Library and Information Service is also hosting several events:

•    The IFLA IT Section pre-conference satellite meeting was held on 13-14 August at STIAS. The theme of the satellite meeting was Transforming libraries with open digital technologies.
•    The Library and Information Service will host 47 delegates on Friday 21 August, as one of the conference tours on offer to IFLA delegates.  Delegates will enjoy a presentation about the library, be shown the innovative spaces and services at the central JS Gericke Library, as well as visit the inspirational Engineering and Forestry branch Library.

Staff of the Library and Information Service are excited by the learning opportunity of attending Congress and interacting with their international peers.

August 11
SUNScholar now open for nominations for December 2015 graduation

Submission to SUNScholar

SUNScholar is now open to receive new nominations for the December 2015 graduation period. Guidelines for submission into SUNScholar is available at Help-page and General Yearbook 2015 for policy guidelines. To summarise the process:

      1.       The final document has to be submitted in pdf format. This is the copy following examination, and after all corrections have been made.

      2.       The supervisor/promoter/admin staff member nominates the candidate via the staff portal.

      3.       The thesis/dissertation is uploaded at: https://etd.sun.ac.za/ldap-login  

      4.       The supervisor/promoter/admin staff member approves the submission via the staff portal.

      5.       The thesis/dissertation will be publicly accessible via the Internet following graduation.

The final date for the submission of theses/dissertations for the December 2015 graduation is 25 November 2015.


Publishing books/chapters in books and copyright

All inquiries related the copyright and the publication of books/chapters in books as a result of a thesis/dissertation can be directed to InnovUS.


Frequently asked questions regarding theses/dissertations

Signature on declaration page: Please note that the signature is no longer required, and that the student can simply type his/her name below the declaration. The reason for this is that the whole process is recorded electronically, as proof that all parties adhere to the policy etc.

Crest: If there are students struggling with adding the crest, please submit without the crest, and we will make sure that the crest is added in the end.​

August 06
IFLA-IT 2015 satellite meeting to be hosted by SU

​The International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) will be hosting its annual World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) in Cape Town on 15 – 21 August.  SU is this year host to the IT Section satellite meeting on 31 + 14 August at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS).  The theme of the satellite meeting is Transforming libraries with open digital technologies. Read more

August 06
Libraries closed 10 August

Please note that the libraries of the Library and Information Service will be CLOSED Monday 10 August with Women's Day being Sunday 9 August.

July 27
Carpeting of JS Gericke Library

​A portion of the upper level of the JS Gericke Library will be carpeted as from tomorrow, Tuesday 28 July up until Friday 31 July. They will begin with the area surrounding the stairwell doing it in sections so that client will continue to have access to the photocopier room.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

July 24
Connecting research and researchers with ORCID

About ORCiD

Have you tried to search for an author, only to discover that he/she shares a name with 10 other researchers? Or that Google Scholar stopped tracking citations to your work after taking your spouse's surname a few years ago? The Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) is a permanent identifier system for researchers that provides a persistent 16-digit numeric identification number (e.g. http://orcid.org/0000-0001-5109-3700) to distinguish you from all other researchers.  

If you have published before you are likely to have a ResearcherID or Scopus Author ID, or may have publications indexed in CrossRef. ORCID allow you to easily import information from those systems into one online identity. The identity numbers are then stored in a central registry. And if you were to move between institutions your organisational affiliation and e-mail address can just be updated.

ORCID and Stellenbosch University researchers

Although ORCID is free for anyone to register, Stellenbosch University Library and Information Service saw the need to subscribe as an institutional member to take advantage of the full features of ORCID, such as integrating with researcher information systems, the institutional repository (SUNScholar), grants and contracts and HR systems. Some of these integration points will be developed during the second semester of 2015 and, as soon as it is ready, an invitation e-mail will be distributed to all academic staff, researchers and postgraduate students to register their Stellenbosch University-affiliated ORCID identifiers. Those who already have an ORCID iD will be asked to confirm their correct institutional affiliation and thereby integrate their iDs with the university institutional systems. 

In the meantime researchers are welcome to proceed to create their iDs, populate it with their own publications, biographies, etc. and explore what it can do for a researcher. Your ORCID iD will belong to you throughout your scholarly career to distinguish you from other researchers and ensure consistent, reliable attribution of your work.

How to get going:

1. Claim your free ORCID iD at http://orcid.org/register  (It is advised to use your Stellenbosch University e-mail address to register or to add it as an alternative e-mail address).
2. Import your research outputs and add biographical information using the automated import wizards. (See our library guide for help).
3. Use your ORCID iD when you apply for grants, submit publications, or share your CV.
More information and frequently asked questions are available on the library guide, ORCID and other researcher identifiers

Enquiries: Marié Roux

July 21
Library training July and August 2015

​The following library training will be presented in the JS Gericke Library during July and August 2015:

What is the benefits of Open Access for researchers?   
Venue: E-classroom, (JS Gericke Library)
Date: Wednesday, 29 July
Time:  11:00-12:30
Booking and more information: 29 July Training calendar

Useful tools and applications for research
Venue: E-classroom, (JS Gericke Library)
Date: Thursday, 30 July
Time: 11:00-12:30
Booking and more information: 30 July Training calendar

Use alerts to stay up to date in your field
Venue: E-classroom, (JS Gericke Library)
Date: Tuesday, 4 August
Time: 11:00-12:30
Booking and more information: 4 August Training calendar

The use of electronic dictionaries
Venue: E-classroom, (JS Gericke Library)
Date: Wednesday, 5 August
Time: 11:00-12:30
Booking and more information: 5 August Training calendar

Copyright issues in theses and dissertation writing
Venue: E-classroom, (JS Gericke Library)
Date: Wednesday, 5 August
Time: 12:30-13:30
Booking and more information: 5 August (Copyright) Training calendar

An overview and comparison of free reference managers
Venue: E-classroom, (JS Gericke Library)
Date: Thursday, 6 August
Time: 11:00-13:00
Booking and more information: 6 August Training calendar

Get your work published! (Workshop presented by Emerald)
Venue: E-classroom, (JS Gericke Library)
Date: Tuesday, 11 August
Time: 10:00-12:00
Booking and more information: 11 August Training calendar

Finding Government Statistics
Venue: E-classroom, (JS Gericke Library)   
Date: Wednesday, 26 August
Time: 10:00-13:00
Booking and more information: 26 August Training calendar

Making important decisions about publishing your research
Venue: E-classroom, (JS Gericke Library)
Date: Thursday, 27 August
Time: 09:00-13:00
Booking and more information: 27 August Training calendar
Enquiries: Marie Roux

July 14
SA Librarians’ Day

The 10th July is South African Librarians’ Day!

We acknowledge and celebrate the work of Librarians and Information Workers at SU and throughout South Africa.   Every day, Librarians play a critical role through facilitating access to information and learning resources, imparting information literacy skills and serving as ambassadors of the Information Age.

Celebrate with us and acknowledge your Librarian today!​
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