Rare Books

About Rare Books

A collection of valuable and rare books on a wide range of subjects – a treasure trove of curiosities in print.

The collection

• Books, rare and unique in terms of scarcity, age, value, physical appearance and subject matter are collected.
• The collection preserves books dating from the 15th century right up-to the present day on a variety of subjects, including art, the sciences, religion, history, literature and popular culture.
• The rare books section was established in the late 1960’s to provide for the safekeeping of valuable art books and other rare materials. When the University acquired the extensive library of the late Commander Michael Scott the collection was enriched by many first editions, leather-bound volumes and other treasures.

Focus areas

• Rare bindings.
• Antiquarian books (various subjects).
• Art through the ages, including a comics collection.
• 1st and limited editions of English literature.
• Kruger Collection of first editions of Afrikaans literature of the 20th century.
• Rare-children’s books.